Thanks Phil!

Susan and I are very happy to have been introduced to Phil McFall owner of “High Caliber Consulting and Firearms Instruction”. In preparation to apply for a concealed carry permit we had previously taken the N.R.A.’s basic pistol course from an excellent trainer who is very knowledgeable. And right up until we meet Phil We thought our training was adequate.

Our 1st trainer emphasized understanding a lot of essential fundamentals about safe firearms handling and storage. We also learned a lot about different sizes and actions of pistols. We had gone to the range a few times and made a trip to a shooting location in the forest. We enjoyed it and we were feeling more confident in our abilities.

Then we met Phil and after a short discussion we knew without a doubt that we needed more training in “real world” use of a pistol particularly since we were going to be carrying concealed. First we took the basic pistol class again, and then we took an intermediate class and will participate in them more often.

Phil is a solid professional with a lot of professional ties to Fire, Police, SWAT and Judicial Professionals which take part in his classes on their personal time as their schedules permit.

The result of this is that you get an amazing array of real world training and food for thought about the proper use and handling of personal protection firearms in real world scenarios. What do you do if you don’t have a perfect grip because your hands are slick? What about car jacking scenarios? Have you worked out and rehearsed a safe engagement plan for your family at home? Muzzle location, stance, grip, close quarters engagement and exactly what do you do when you get pulled over by a Police Officer and you have firearms in the vehicle and you are also carrying concealed?

These are all things that we could not, until now, answer fully and confidently, and that does not cut it around firearms. Thanks Phil!

Jay and Susan

Littleton, Colorado